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    Date: 2016-1-11  View£º1867
    The medical industry is considered by the industry as one of the major end markets for plastics, and the contribution of plastics to the medical industry is sweaty. In this new era, Xiao Bian will lead us back into the world of plastics and medical care in 2015 The

    Plastic Contribution to Medical One: Plastic Lens Surgery

    The pioneering plastic lens implantation was first applied to ophthalmic treatment and brought the gospel to patients suffering from visual decline. The London Clermont Clinic was one of the world's first clinics to offer this treatment for patients.

    This plastic lens can not only treat hyperopia or myopia, but also can restore the vision of patients with cataracts and astigmatism. Past correction lenses can cause glare and glowing problems, and can not be as smooth as the natural eye to focus.

    The results of the plastic lens test showed that 81% of patients can see long-distance things after surgery, 98% of patients said they look at long-distance things no longer need glasses, 96% of patients said you can see the distance Of the things, and 73% of the patients can see the distance of things.

    Plastic Contribution to Health II: In vitro Diagnostic Biology Platform

    The Florida Atlantic University research team has developed a new in vitro diagnostic biosensing platform that integrates cellulosic paper and flexible polyester films that break through the limitations of paper and flexible material platforms for diagnostic applications.

    The device can be used to remotely detect all kinds of bacteria and determine the diagnosis and treatment program without the need for expensive infrastructure or technical personnel, through a drop of blood can identify HIV, E. coli, staphylococci and other bacteria. Researchers have also developed a compatible app for the detection of bacteria and diseases.