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  • How is the demand for plastic bags in the industry?
    Date: 2016-1-11  View£º68
    Metal, alloy plastic parts of the surface of the paint, spraying, coating industry shield protection: the US profile paper tape, cover green tape, high temperature protective tape, glass fiber cloth tape.

    Other special industries: LED adhesive tape, release paper tape high temperature tape.
    Plastic bags in other external factors are: color, transparency, smell, thickness, filling degree, haze, insulation and so on.
    Environmental effects: solvent, moisture, moisture, plasticizer, sunshine or ultraviolet, aging will affect its viscosity;
    Temperature also has a certain impact on the tape: tape in the short term or long-term whether it is high temperature, low temperature resistance, after the rise in resistance to shear and so on;

    Electrical insulation industry: polyimide insulation tape, acetate cloth tape, Teflon tape, NOMEX tape (Poly Fang Feng tape), polyester silicone tape, PET composite glass fiber silk tape, transformer tape, and so high temperature tape.

    (FPCB) Industry: Polyimide tape (Gold finger protection tape), anti-static Kapton tape, polyimide white high temperature label tape, anti-welding tape (US-profile tape), FPC governance fixed Tape, polyimide coating, FPC reinforced double-sided tape, electronic heat-resistant film, Kapton reinforced tape, anti-static polyester tape and so on.

    For the beverage business: comparable carton packaging materials to reduce the cost of 30% - Case: According to some Beverage Co., Ltd. relevant person in charge, PET shrink film packaging machine is a very promising form of packaging materials, there are already abroad with PET heat Shrink film packaging completely replace the carton or semi-tray carton such cases, but because the current domestic market logistics environment can not be compared with the international market mature logistics management, therefore, PET shrinking film technology in the domestic market to the international level There are some obstacles, the next 3 to 5 years, with the PET shrinking film packaging technology development and heat shrinkable film pressure capacity of continuous improvement in a certain size of the packaging, cuff PET heat shrink film packaging machine can replace the carton or Shrink film semi-tray box.